Collaboration Is Key


The world is facing tremendous challenges. We will only be able to overcome them through collaboration. Closest to my heart are challenges that directly impact each of us. How can we provide food to a growing number of people on earth? How can we contribute to finding solutions that provide better medicine and digital health solutions to our customers?

Janice Chow

Sebastian Kolberg 

Organization & Executive Development bei Bayer

Those complex challenges are not easy to solve – certainly not for individuals who are just passionate about making an impact. And we will not able to solve them with our old paradigms and approaches. Digital transformation and data will make the difference and determine success. Digital transformation means business transformation and cultural transformation. That’s why it´s all about doing things together, learning from each other, learning from experiences, talking about failures and how we can do better, and leveraging the diversity that we have internally and externally.

Using modern digital technology such as the digital workplace is one enabler that allows people to collaborate through chats, to talk and to run video conferences even when they are not able to get together physically. This holds true both in-house, and with our external partners in academia and strategic alliances in the industry.

We also love collaborating with startups, where different strengths and working methods and a new work culture is gaining momentum to further develop transformational ideas. That is why Bayer engages with the brightest minds all over the world to identify emerging trends and needs at the intersection of humans and technology. They transform them into executable, strategically aligned Digital Health business opportunities for Bayer. E.g. through G4A, Bayer connects with startups, young companies & the global digital health ecosystem to explore new business models and drive new revenue streams, both in and out of Bayer’s traditional portfolio. To foster this collaboration Bayer has also established co-working spaces for digital health startups all over the world, e.g. in Berlin. They deliver both financial support to develop innovative technology solutions and experienced managers to provide coaching while at the same time learning about the new approaches.

Stay connected with colleagues

What does this mean for me as an individual? It´s important to stay connected with colleagues via our digital workplace and our company social network, where communities are growing and people are sharing their knowledge across all the different functions, businesses and countries. Does this require courage? Yes, and leadership! A culture of collaboration where we find solutions together is key. A culture where people trust each other enough to ask questions and at the same time share their experiences, which might also be related to failures, and that therefore enables a learning culture and supports our transformation.

This is why collaboration makes the difference and why I love using the latest digital technology such as video conferences and social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter and engage in WorkingOutLoud. This opens up the world for me to find like-minded people who also love sharing their own great ideas, knowledge and insights and who want to make an impact together.

Finding transformational solutions is possible by keeping an open mind, being willing to experiment, collaborating and working in a new way.


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