Extra Protection

Giorgia Pucci sees her skin as an asset. She is a dancer, model and actress – and she also became a mother two years ago. She is often in the limelight, both in front of the camera and on stage.


Our skin is exposed to heat and cold. It can also be harmed by microorganisms. That’s why our largest organ needs special care. We help protect and heal the skin of all members of the family. Giorgia Pucci from Italy knows how important that is.

Few people can say they have fulfilled their childhood dream. Giorgia is one of them. She always wanted to be a ballet dancer and was allowed to take ballet lessons in her home town of Umbertide in Italy from the age of four. Later, she studied economics and then sports science before setting up a gym with two friends. She entered show business more or less by chance: She was given a small part in an Italian television production when she accompanied her sister Carla to a TV casting session in Rome.

Discipline and rigorous training have been key features throughout Giorgia’s life, from childhood to motherhood. “I’ve never canceled a performance,” she says. “Reliability is essential in our profession.” Three years ago, she was doing her normal 40-minute workout on a treadmill in Germany, which is her second home. However, after a relaxing sauna she suddenly felt dizzy and lightheaded. She then fell and was left with a nasty-looking wound above her eyebrow.

As a model, that was a big problem for her. She was booked to make a video for a luxury hotel in Düsseldorf five days later. “The team had come over from London specially to make the video so I had to turn up.” She therefore turned to a product her family had had good experience with in the past: Bepanthen™. “I applied the ointment several times a day and after a few days it was much better. Shortly afterwards I was able to wear normal make-up so I was able to keep the appointment to make the video as if nothing had happened.”

Giorgia Pucci is a dancer, model and actress – but first and foremost a mother. Watch our video to see how she protects her skin.

That was partly thanks to dexpanthenol, the active ingredient in Bepanthen™ ointment. It stimulates regeneration of the skin and supports healing of superficial wounds. “It also forms a breathable protective film over the wound. That prevents it from drying out and keeps it moist, which helps the healing process,” explains Mandie Smart, Global Brand Director for the Bepanthen™ product family.

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It also forms a breathable protective film over the wound. That prevents it from drying out and keeps it moist, which helps the healing process.

Giorgia knew how effective dexpanthenol is because her aunt Claudia had used Bepanthenol™ skincare products to protect the sensitive bottom of her baby daughter Anna Giulia. When Giorgia’s daughter Guendalina was born in Perugia two-and-a-half years ago, she was able to draw on her aunt’s experience. “Like all babies, Guendalina wore diapers constantly in her first year, and that can easily cause redness. I was able to prevent that,” she says.

The continuous development of Bepanthen™ plays a big part in this. First developed 70 years ago, it immediately won over physicians, especially in Germany and Switzerland. Since then, the product family has undergone constant development around the world. Smart says: “We always focus on consumers’ needs. We help their skin regenerate – just as nature intended.” Giorgia and her entire family have relied on that for many years: “It’s reassuring to know there’s always a remedy that helps.”