Missions Possible

Nemo’s Garden biospheres attach to the sea bottom and float at different depths.


True or false? Farmers and researchers are planting crops on volcanic fields, under the sea, at an altitude of 4,000 meters and even in space. In fact, these cultivation strategies are already happening – and they're not the only unusual places.

Agricultural work is challenging and complex. Farmers rise early in the morning, manage different tasks at once, monitor the growth and health of their crops with the help of digital technology, and they have to understand business matters.

As if that’s not enough, farmers around the world often do their jobs under extreme conditions: While Israeli farmers in the Negev desert have to work under the blindingly-bright sun and oven-hot air, Icelandic farmers must raise crops despite long, dark nights. Come with us on tour of discoveries and get to know other exotic cultivation locations.

Our scrollytelling story "Mission: Making the impossible possible" shows you the most unlikely places where agriculture is run.

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