Over Fields and Meadows


As soon as spring arrives, all free-roaming cats will again be venturing outdoors more often. There they have new adventures every day, but there are some that they should avoid. On their strolls through tall grass and dense bushes, they are constantly at the mercy of ticks and fleas, which they then bring into our living rooms. These four-legged friends can be protected with the help of special collars.

“I really didn’t want to have a cat and especially not in the house,” says Matthias Berghaus, gently petting a contentedly purring tomcat that has made itself comfortable on the living room sofa, with all four legs stretched out. “The fur that is, of course, spread all over the apartment wasn’t such a big deal. I was more concerned about the parasites.”

But then Pablo the Maine Coon tomcat entered the life he shares with his wife Ava Berghaus, and both can no longer imagine their day-to-day life without their now five-year-old four-legged friend. He is definitely part of their life and is treated like a member of the family. “I love holding him and there are cuddles every day, of course,” says Ava. “He has to be wherever you are regardless of whether it’s the bathroom, when cooking in the kitchen or having a cozy chat on the sofa in the evening; otherwise he feels left out and looks at us reproachfully,” she explains with a wink. Only one place is, and remains, off-limits: Pablo is indeed cuddly but is not allowed on the bed.

Such closeness between people and animals is not rare. Animals have become loyal companions, they enrich daily life and often even prevent isolation and loneliness. In short, animals make us happy and promote mental well-being. Therefore, it is no surprise that pet owners do everything to make sure that all is well with their pet, which means that animal health is increasingly in focus. The closer that humans and animals live together, the more important it is to guard against the transmission of pathogens.

These cat owners from Krefeld must pay particular attention to Pablo’s long fur. “In the past, when Pablo came home in the evening after a long day, we had to catch him at the cat flap and go on the hunt for ticks,” reminisces Ava. “Up to twenty tiny little creepy-crawlies would have attached themselves to him and would have to be removed using a special tick tool.” This evening ritual was not pleasant for anyone.

Michael Wilson

Tick bites cause annoying itching and skin irritations and, what’s more, can transmit diseases both to animals and humans.

“Tick bites cause annoying itching and skin irritations and, what’s more, can transmit diseases both to animals and humans,” warns Michael Wilson, Global Brand Manager for Seresto at Bayer Animal Health.

Ava Berghaus wanted to protect herself and her husband, and of course, her cat. She tried a variety of things until a vet recommended a tick and flea collar. “We were initially against it because we didn’t want to limit Pablo in his freedom by making him wear a collar all of a sudden but since we didn’t see any other solution, we tried it out,” explains the Krefeld resident.

“Our collar continuously releases two active ingredients onto the cat’s skin and fur that act against ectoparasites. One irritates the nerve endings on the feet of ticks,” explains Wilson. This is so unpleasant for the ticks that as soon as they come into contact with the treated fur, they pull away their feet and lose their grip. They fall off before they can bite. “It is a protective agent against ticks that is a repellent and also an acaricide, therefore defensive and toxic as after the ticks come into contact with the cat fur, they die and cannot infect other hosts.”

Both active ingredients also protect animals from fleas. Year-round protection is needed here because once the parasites make themselves comfortable in the living areas, they spread in no time at all and continue to multiply as long as their eggs are not destroyed.

Ava and Matthias are thrilled – no more searching for ticks in the evening and Pablo no longer needs to be caught when entering the house. Instead, he now jumps right onto the sofa where his people have already made themselves comfy and are waiting for him. Finally time to relax!