Puzzled After an Appointment With The Doctor


Our time with the doctor is brief and valuable. How can we use it better? Every second patient admits not knowing what to do next after a doctor’s appointment. Bayer employee Eva Bretschneider is convinced that preparation and openness are the keys to success.

Janice Chow

Eva Bretschneider

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Good preparation can help us make the best-possible use of the roughly eight minutes on average that we have with our doctor. What questions do I have? And what does my doctor really have to know about me? Is it worth mentioning the cold medicine that I’m currently taking? Good solutions are quite often simple. Make a note of any questions you have before the appointment and take your notes with you. A checklist to prepare for a doctor’s appointment is available online and free of charge at patients.bayer.com. Thus well prepared, you will have a reminder with you and will be able to better understand why you are prescribed a specific medicine and how you should take it.

The problems will not end in the doctor’s surgery, but some of them may be solved there. One in two patients does not even begin the prescribed treatment. There can be many reasons for that. If it is because you are uncomfortable with the chosen treatment option, only one thing can help: openness. Talk to your doctor about your concerns. And ask her what will happen if you do not take the medicine. That way, you will achieve two things: your doctor can take your individual needs into consideration, and you will have a better understanding of the factors for and against the various alternatives. Together, you will then be able to decide on the best-possible treatment.

Research shows that patients who understand their health problems and are actively involved in the decisions are much more likely to receive suitable therapy, and are also more satisfied with their treatment. With good preparation and maximum openness, you can make a substantial contribution to the success of your treatment.